Master's Students

Nancy Conejo
Carly Miranda

Undergraduate Students

Myriam Serrano '19
Jennifer Branson '19
Alexandra Olsen '21
Joey Kobara '20
Natalia Matti '19

Nancy Conejo

Nancy joined the lab in Spring 2019 and is working on phylogenetics, population genetics, and biogeography of whorled wattles (Acacia section Lycopodiifoliae, Fabaceae) from the Australian Monsoon Tropics.

Carly Miranda

Carly is an East Bay native, like the thistles she works to conserve. She earned a B.S. in Plant Genetics and Breeding concurrently with her B.A. in Spanish in 2017 at the University of California, Davis. Currently, she works for the SFSU Biology department as a Graduate Assistant. After graduate school, Carly plans to pursue a career in ecological conservation locally in Northern California.

Mimi Serrano

Mimi joined the lab in Spring 2019 and worked on collecting morphometric data of various Acacia section Lycopodiifoliae species to document the markedly strong transition between juvenile and adult morphology, She was funded through the SF State Biology Department with a BioLuminary Award. As of Fall 2019, Mimi was accepted as an M.Sc. at SF State in the plant Physiology Lab of Kevin Simonin and is working on the physiology of Hawaiian Chenopodium

Jennifer Branson

Jennifer joined the lab in Fall 2018  as an undergrad and was recently a published author on our new paper describing Chenopodium oahuense ssp. ilioensis from Hawai'i.  Jennifer will be starting in Spring 2021 as a M.Sc. in the Cantley Lab. She will be researching the adaptive radiation of Hawaiian Lipochaeta (Asteraceae)


Undergrads in the Lab

Undergrads are important in the Cantley Lab! Much of our research is designed to provide meaningful experiences for UGs. See the opportunities page for ways that you can join the lab